Hi there! I'm Somer, pronounced like the season "summer." Ironically I'm a lover of all things cold, cozy, dark and moody. I was born and raised in Colorado which I still call home. Although I have resided in CO, that has not stopped me from exploring the world beneath us. I have traveled to 14 countries, and 11 US states. I still have A LOT to see, and plan on it. They say life is short, but I feel that we have more time than we think, to do all the things we dreamt of doing. 

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"She has a unique ability to take your concept and manifest it, to better than what you even imagined!"

-cristina phillips

"If you are looking for guided,beautiful, relaxed photos taken of
you, somer is your gal!"

-Kaylen johnson

"That was the most comfortable photoshoot of my life, and we got some GORGEOUS photos!"

-cerra bernarding